White House Preparing Mass Evacuations From Ukraine Amid Fears of Invasion

White House Preparing Mass Evacuations From Ukraine Amid Fears of Invasion

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Tensions between Russia and Ukraine are heating up. There’s talk that Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning on invading his neighbor. New reports indicate President Joe Biden’s administration is considering plans to evacuate Americans from the region.

During a briefing on Monday, December 7, State Department official Victoria Nuland told the Senate that the Pentagon is preparing contingency plans for a mass evacuation if Russia invades Ukraine. She also outlined potential sanctions on Putin if he moves his military forward. Biden has said the US won’t get its military involved if an invasion takes place, but sanctions are on the table.

During a phone call on Tuesday, Biden reportedly warned Putin he would impose sanctions if he invaded Ukraine. The US president also said he would join Europe in providing more military aid to the Ukrainians.

Yuri Ushakov, Putin’s foreign affairs advisor, revealed Russia doesn’t care about threats of sanctions during a press call. He said they’d been in place for a long time and haven’t had any impact on the nation.

It seems Biden’s threats are absolutely meaningless to Putin, leaving one to wonder if the potential evacuation is going to turn into Afghanistan 2.0.

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