White House Targeting GOP Leaders in Dangerous Infrastructure Push

White House Targeting GOP Leaders in Dangerous Infrastructure Push

(AbsoluteNews.com) – At the end of March, President Joe Biden introduced a $2.25-trillion infrastructure plan. The massive spending proposal includes a number of Democratic wish list items, including billions of dollars for green energy projects. The Left is now using its dangerous plan to target Republicans.

According to an April 12 Axios report, the White House is going to start selling the infrastructure proposal to the American people starting with districts run by Republicans. The Biden administration will begin its scheme in Kentucky, Senator Mitch McConnell’s state, and in California, Kevin McCarthy’s state. The two men are the top Congressional conservatives.

The White House laid out how the plan will allegedly benefit each state. For example, the sheet for Kentucky talks about the poor conditions of its bridges and other projects. McConnell has said the bill will not have any support within his caucus and has made plans to fight it.

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