Why Kamala Harris May Be the Next Dan Quayle

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Although former Vice President Dan Quayle recently resurfaced in the news for advising former Vice President Mike Pence after the 2020 general election, he was the butt of many jokes during his tenure as second-in-command. Given Vice President Kamala Harris’ current dismal poll ratings and awkward laughter when faced with tough questions, she may see the same fate. Many voters had high expectations for the once outspoken Harris in her role to help support the president. Unfortunately, her experience in Washington, DC is nearly non-existent and compared to President Joe Biden, the Veep has very little to offer the man in charge.

Rumors of strife in the White House over her alleged underutilization coupled with close staff members distancing themselves from Harris appear to paint her in a weak light. Many Americans are unhappy about her inability to jump in to try and resolve the border situation, and some criticized her for her lack of focus. Instead of traveling to see the crisis, she repeatedly mentioned in a speech her desire to get to the “root causes” of the problem when the reason is evident.

Even the mocked Quayle had an approval rating of 43%, while Harris sits at a historically low 27.8% after serving for approximately the same amount of time. As she sits one heartbeat away from running one of the most powerful countries in the world, Americans clearly worry about the possibility.

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