Woman, 78, Gets Forcefully Dragged Out of Cab By Driver Over a Disagreement

Driver accused of dragging woman, 78, out of cab and running over a man who tried to help her – NBC News

Catherine Shine was violently pulled out of the car by her leg and tossed into a street in Brooklyn Wednesday afternoon as the driver snagged her phone. A 35-year-old good Samaritan got the phone back before the driver hopped back in the car and plowed into him.

The driver pulled the 78-year-old woman out of a cab and left her on the street, according to the New York City Police Department said.After the driver pulled a woman out of their car and onto the street, he shut the door and she began to strike the man with her cane.

A witness tried to help the woman, a man named Ezra Halawani. However, he was also hit by the driver who later took off from the scene.

The driver tried to get away with the woman’s phone, but Halawani got it back and helped her get her shoes back on. Medics took both the woman and Halawani to the hospital, and the woman is now resting at home.

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission said it was “on the scene” of the incident and asked for anyone with information to contact authorities.

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