Woman Allegedly Offered Migrant A Ride And Then Stole Her Baby


A Texas woman is accused of offering a migrant a ride and then holding her baby for ransom for months – NBC News

A Honduran woman told police that her baby was stolen and held for ransom after she crossed the border into the U.S. The kidnapper was a woman named Jane Roark.

The Texas Highway Patrol pulled over Roark’s car and found her 15-year-old daughter holding an 18-month-old infant. Roark said the child’s birth certificate was at home.

A woman told police she crossed the border from Mexico to El Paso and was offered a ride to the bus station by a man and woman who said they would keep her child. The two women exchanged phone numbers, and the woman left her child with them.

Jane Roark allegedly told the woman she had to pay $8,000 to get her son back, but later dropped the price to $5,800.

When Roark was arrested, one of her daughters was holding an infant son, but she told law enforcement the child belonged to her other daughter’s fiancé. When authorities learned the child belonged to the victim out of Florida, they placed the boy in the care of Child Protective Services.

The troopers summoned Roark’s other daughter to the scene, another undocumented child. She said the baby’s name was Aiden Javael Smith. The baby was in “poor health” and rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

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