Woman Hacked Up And Placed Into Suitcases In New York

Crime Scene

A 22-year-old woman’s body was found stuffed into two suitcases in an apartment in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn.

Several days had passed since the woman had been seen and residents complained of a foul smell.

A security guard attempted to enter the woman’s 6th-floor apartment but was stopped by her 23-year-old boyfriend, who allegedly lives there sometimes.

While calling the police, the guard found the boyfriend and another man sneaking out with what looked like evidence in a bag.

In the apartment, the guard discovered the two suitcases containing the woman’s remains in a bloody bathroom and a meat cleaver.

There was a valid order of protection against her boyfriend that was valid until the end of the month.

A neighbor remembers the victim as a young girl who had not yet lived, and friends describe her as sweet and humble.

The boyfriend is being actively sought by the police. He violated the act of protection by showing up unannounced at her apartment in the past. Two weeks ago, neighbors reported hearing fighting.

Her friends say she moved into the affordable housing building two years ago.

A number of residents were shocked by the gruesome discovery and expressed disbelief.

“The neighborhood isn’t the best, but what happened here is outrageous. It makes me afraid to even be in this area. It’s sickening.” Lindsey Vena, a nieghbor, said.

Another resident said, “It’s scary. I live here with my family, and it’s just wicked that somebody can do something like this in the area where you lay down at night.”

The cause of death has not been determined by the medical examiner. The investigation is still ongoing.

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