Woman Hilariously Roasted After Blaming Manufacturer for Her Burnt Pie

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Marie Callender started her pie business in the early 1940s in California. She grew the company by not only selling her delicious pies in various shops but also adding frozen versions anyone can bake at home. All one has to do is follow the simple instructions. For Thanksgiving, Sharon Weiss evidently ignored the directions and appeared to take a blowtorch to the poor dessert, and then jumped on Twitter to blame Marie Callender for ruining the holiday.

Social media commenters did some roasting of their own while defending the pie company.

While Marie Callender’s responded with a friendly customer service tone, others encouraged the company to send Weiss a giant version of the instructions. Some asked her why she set her “oven temperature to hell,” while other jokesters wondered how many days she left the charcoaled pie in her oven to bake.

The tweets didn’t stop there, as people took great joy in creating memes of the calamity and poking fun at the would-be baker. One tweet doubted the instructions told Weiss to “yeet pie into sun,” while another reminded her that the holiday was Thanksgiving and not Ash Wednesday.

All in all, everyone seemed to have a great time getting a much-needed laugh, except poor Sharon, who perhaps needs to invest in a pair of glasses or a Baking 101 class.

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