Woman impersonates CPS worker, tries kidnapping a 4-year-old boy

A chilling event unfolded in Ohio when a woman allegedly tried to take a 4-year-old boy playing outside his home. The woman, identified as 44-year-old Lisa Nacrelli, now faces charges of child enticement, burglary, and impersonating an officer.

The incident came to light when the family from Norwood noticed suspicious activity on their home surveillance footage. They saw that Nacrelli had tried to coax the young boy to accompany her while posing as a worker from Child Protective Services (CPS).

The video footage depicted Nacrelli approaching the young boy, who was occupied with his orange bicycle just outside the family’s front door. She then proceeded to engage with the child, stroking his hair and back. These unsettling gestures triggered alarm for the child’s parents, Jaimie and Tim Spradlin.

The young boy had the presence of mind to rush into the house and alert his mother, Jaimie, who then confronted Nacrelli. The alleged imposter introduced herself as a child services worker, presenting a badge that displayed her name. The supposed CPS worker even mentioned the names of the Spradlin children and requested to inspect the house, claiming there had been a complaint lodged against the family. After this exchange, Nacrelli departed without leaving any contact information.

The encounter raised suspicion for the Spradlins, prompting them to review their surveillance footage. The discovery of Nacrelli’s interactions with their 4-year-old son left them horrified.

Investigations by the family revealed that Nacrelli was not associated with Child Protective Services, unraveling the deception. The incident left the family feeling both enraged and terrified. Jaimie stated that Nacrelli had told her son about a black vehicle with a car seat that was intended for him.

Upon alerting the Norwood Police Department, Nacrelli was arrested and is currently held at Hamilton County jail on a $10,000 bond.