Woman Kills Landlord And Hides Her Remains In Freezer

Sandra Kolalou, suspect accused of killing Chicago landlord and hiding her remains in a freezer, held without bail – WLS-TV

Police were called to a woman’s apartment Tuesday night for a wellbeing check. They found human remains in the freezer and said the victim was 69-year-old landlord Frances Walker.

Tenants reported hearing screaming, plate breaking, and furniture being moved at around 2:30 a.m. Tenants then received texts from the victim’s phone directing them to give the offender her keys if they moved out.

Police said Sandra Kolalou, 36, refused to speak with them and left in a tow truck she allegedly used Walker’s credit card to order. The other tenants warned the tow truck driver she was dangerous.

Some tenants followed the tow truck to Foster Beach, where they found bloody rags in a garbage can. Police responded to the scene and took the contents to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.

After police found bloody rags in the Foster Beach garbage can, they searched Kolalou’s West Ridge apartment again. They found additional blood inside the tenant’s room, where they discovered Walker’s remains in the freezer.

Kolalou was arrested for threatening the tow truck driver, and is scheduled to appear in bond court Thursday.

Walker was a really good person, her brother said, and nobody deserves what happened to her. Neighbors left flowers and candles on the home’s steps Thursday.

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