Woman Sues Police For Misusing Rape Kit DNA As Evidence To Arrest Her

Sexual assault victim who alleges her DNA was used to arrest her sues San Francisco Police – CNN

A woman in San Francisco is suing after her rape kit DNA was used to charge her in an unrelated criminal case.

The woman filed a lawsuit against the city and county of San Francisco and several police officials, alleging that the police violated her constitutional rights by relying on DNA taken from her rape kit years ago to arrest her in an unrelated burglary case.

Federal law prohibits the use of victims’ DNA in the Combined DNA Index System, but California law allows local law enforcement agencies to retain and search victim DNA for entirely different purposes.

San Francisco Police declined to comment on the pending lawsuit, saying they are committed to ensuring victims feel comfortable reporting issues to law enforcement.

The lawsuit comes after the San Francisco District Attorney accused the police department’s crime lab of using a law enforcement database that includes DNA of rape and sexual assault victims.

San Francisco Police implemented changes to the handling of victims’ DNA, and are working on permanent policy changes in conjunction with the DA’s office and California’s Department of Justice. The Board of Supervisors passed legislation prohibiting police from uploading DNA profiles.

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