Woman Wakes Up From Coma And Says Her Brother Was Her Attacker


A West Virginia woman woke up from two-year coma — and identified her brother as the attacker who nearly… – WRAL News

Wanda Palmer, 51, woke up from a two-year coma and accused her brother of attacking her. Police found her with severe injuries caused by what appeared to be a hatchet or axe.

Eileen Palmer’s daughter, Wanda Palmer, was found in a pool of blood after being hit by some sort of edged weapon. She was unconscious and barely clinging to life, but she has now opened her eyes.

Sheriff Mellinger says the case was cold, but Wanda’s brother, Daniel Palmer, had been named a person of interest. Wanda told the sheriff this story and it prompted the police to act.

Police investigated several people but could never file charges. A couple of weeks ago, Palmer was able to speak to authorities and provided enough testimony for police to arrest Daniel.

Investigators say Daniel Palmer was initially considered a possible suspect. A previous witness claimed to have seen him at his sister’s trailer around midnight on the night of the incident.

Wanda Palmer is now coherent but unable to hold full-length conversations, the Jackson County sheriff said. Daniel Palmer III was arrested and charged with attempted murder and malicious wounding.

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