Woman’s Tinder Date Takes a Very Creepy Turn

Woman's Tinder Date Takes a Very Creepy Turn

(AbsoluteNews.com) – Online dating has risen in popularity over the last decade as people try nontraditional ways to meet potential partners. For one man and woman, their date took a shocking turn when an unexpected person showed up at the restaurant where they were dining.

A Lancashire, England woman named Hannah recently recounted a Tinder date from Hell to a local news site. She said while at the restaurant with her date, he revealed his previous girlfriend passed away from cancer. He showed Hannah photos, telling her he’d really struggled with her death. According to her, the date was progressing well when he suddenly turned white and took off for the bathroom.

It was then that Hannah noticed a woman who looked eerily similar to the photos she just saw.

The man’s deceased loved one wasn’t so dead after all. In fact, they had two children together. The not-so-dead ex-girlfriend told Hannah she thought he was working overtime to help support their children. Apparently, she wasn’t the only date he told the sad tale to; Hannah thinks she was the sixth person.

Perhaps next time the man wants to weave such a tall tale, he should take his date to a restaurant in another town.

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