World Democracy Index Falls for 16th Straight Year

( – There are many conflicts going on around the world threatening freedom and human rights. Many of these problems stem from the push and pull within governments as different groups fight for control causing some concern, specifically when it comes to the state of democracy.

According to a new Freedom House report, this concern is justified as worldwide democracy declined in 2021. It was the 16th year in a row it has fallen. The organization spoke to Axios about the report, saying Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and other authoritarians have jeopardized “the consensus that democracy is the viable path to prosperity and security.”

The organization also claimed countries like the United States are also in danger. They claimed “internal forces” are exploiting the system and distorting “national politics to promote hatred, violence, and unbridled power.” America’s score dropped to 83, that’s less than Uruguay at 97, Japan at 96, and the UK at 93.

One country, Ecuador, moved off of the list of “not free” countries and onto the list of “free” countries after its presidential transition. The Ivory Coast is also a “free” country after holding parliamentary elections last year.

The concern is dictators will continue to take hold and make the world less free.

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