World Leader Orders Lethal Force Against Protestors

( – Angry people have taken to the streets across the globe to protest. In France, for example, protesters are up in arms over vaccine mandates and coronavirus restrictions. While most of these demonstrations are relatively peaceful, they’ve devolved into a bloody conflict in Kazakhstan. In response, the president there is taking horrific action.

What began as civil unrest springing from rising fuel costs became an all-out movement against the government. According to the Interior Ministry, 26 armed “criminals” and 18 police officers and national guardsmen have perished in the fighting. Authorities have also arrested nearly 4,000 civilians.

In a televised address, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev told the world that law enforcement in Kazakhstan will now “shoot to kill” what he calls “terrorists.” Tokayev also claimed foreign-trained militants were behind the violence in his country, without providing any evidence to prove his accusation.

In addition to giving police the green light to kill protestors “without warning,” the President also asked Russia to send troops into the country to quell the uprising. Over 70 aircraft carrying Russian troops have already arrived in Kazakhstan.

The alarmingly swift response by Russian President Vladimir Putin is a clear sign that he, and his military, are fully prepared to take action at a moment’s notice. For those keeping a fearful eye on the degrading situation between Russia and Ukraine, this rapid movement of troops is disheartening.

If Russia can send thousands of soldiers into Kazakhstan to put down an uprising in such a short period of time, what does this mean for a potential conflict in Ukraine?

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