Xbox’s “Big Surprise” Revealed: Update on New Console at 2024 Showcase!

Los Angeles, California – The recent Xbox Games Showcase in 2024 provided some updates on new console iterations, including the unveiling of an all-digital Xbox Series X. However, one notable absence was any mention of the long-rumored Xbox handheld device that fans have been eagerly anticipating.

During a live event hosted by IGN, Xbox’s Phil Spencer addressed the speculation surrounding the possibility of an Xbox handheld. Spencer expressed excitement about the future of hardware development at Xbox, hinting at different form factors and innovative ways to play. While the focus of the showcase was primarily on games, Spencer promised that there would be a time to delve deeper into platform-related announcements in the future.

Speculation about an Xbox handheld has been circulating for months, fueled in part by leaked Microsoft documents that outlined plans for such a device. Despite initial reports, Spencer later clarified that the mentioned plans were outdated, adding to the mystery surrounding Xbox’s hardware roadmap.

Although Xbox has hinted at the introduction of new hardware in the near future, including a next-generation Xbox console as part of a multi-year roadmap announced by Microsoft in February, the existence of an Xbox handheld has not been confirmed by Spencer or other Xbox executives. In a recent interview, Spencer shared his vision for a potential handheld Xbox, emphasizing the importance of features that would make it distinctively “Xbox.”

In addition to addressing the rumors surrounding a handheld Xbox, Spencer also commented on the closure of a game development studio during the IGN Live event. While details about the handheld device remain elusive, fans can stay updated on all the latest announcements from the Xbox Showcase and exclusive insights from Spencer at IGN Live.

As the gaming community eagerly anticipates further developments from Xbox, the possibility of a handheld device adds an intriguing layer to the future landscape of gaming consoles. With Spencer’s enthusiasm for exploring new ways to play and engage with games, the potential for an Xbox handheld opens up exciting possibilities for both existing players and newcomers to the Xbox ecosystem.