You Won’t Believe What They Found Behind This Bathroom Wall

You Won't Believe What They Found Behind This Bathroom Wall

( – Florida is home to many creatures. Alligators regularly walk across golf courses as if they own the green. Lovebugs swarm cars on the state’s interstate highways in the Spring, causing an increased need for car washes. Generally, aside from the occasional football-sized flying cockroach, the critters stay outside. That’s why it was such a shock when a St. Petersburg couple’s walls were opened to reveal something quite disturbing.

Beekeeper Elisha Bixler was recently called to a home to remove a beehive. The homeowners had been seeing and hearing bees for quite some time in their shower. The couple reportedly told her they’d been informed there was a beehive behind the wall. They occasionally suffered bee stings but decided to leave them alone because the insects were “nice.” Eventually, they grew sick of the constant buzzing and decided to call in Bixler.

When the beekeeper opened the wall in the bathroom, she was shocked to discover a 7-foot tall beehive, oozing with honey and about 80,000 bees.

Stephanie Graham, one of the homeowners, told the New York Times she and her husband love bees. So when they discovered the critters in the bathroom they decided they would leave them alone, as long as the bees left them alone, too. But the buzzing noise was too much.

Bixler removed the queen in the hive and the worker bees soon followed. She relocated them to one of her apiaries, a place where a collection of hives are maintained.

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