Young Student, 7, Brings A Loaded Gun To School

At a Boston school, a 7-year-old student was discovered with a loaded gun on Thursday afternoon. This incident is now being investigated by detectives.

The gun was reported near the school, and the Boston Police were quick to respond. Police placed Excel High School in safe mode as they searched for a person who may have a gun and an arrest was made. Students were told by their teacher to put trash bags over windows as a safety precaution.

As a result of the discovery that the child was in possession of a gun, parents reacted with anger and disbelief. It is important that someone is held accountable for the incident, according to Boston Mayor Michelle Wu.

On the same day Boston City Hall officials held a hearing on public safety in schools, a student was found with a bullet. The Boston Public School system has experienced an increase in bullying incidents and sexual assaults, and has placed four schools in safe mode because of threats in the surrounding community.

This incident occurred on the same day Boston City Hall officials held a hearing on public safety in schools. This month, there have been shootings, stabbings, and staff assaults near schools.

Boston Public School Superintendent Mary Skipper said the incident left her shocked. She said she is speechless and doesn’t have the words to describe the tragedy.

Skipper said the school is working with city and state partners to keep students safe. She claims to be working on a solution for students, but states that “we cannot do this work alone.”