Zero-Bail Policy Sees Over a Dozen Criminals Released

Zero-Bail Policy Sees Over a Dozen Criminals Released

( – In November, thieves conducted multiple smash-and-grab robberies in Los Angeles. Police arrested 14 suspects for 11 of the robberies, but all of them are back on the streets.

On Thursday, December 2, Police Chief Michel Moore told LA’s Fox 11 news all the suspects are back on the street because of the state’s “zero bail” policy. The policy resulted from a March state Supreme Court ruling stating California must consider a defendant’s ability to pay the bail. In other words, if a person makes minimum wage, their bail can’t be set at $50,000. The rule allows some criminals, like the smash-and-grab suspects, to go free.

LA District Attorney George Gascón, reportedly backed by billionaire George Soros, promised the city would hold all of the criminals involved in the robberies accountable. In a statement, Gascón’s special adviser, Alex Bastian, said the thefts hurt everyone, and the office would “review the cases to determine what criminal charges should be filed.”

The new bail policy seems like a terrible idea in a city where crime is already a big problem. Instead of holding alleged criminals to account, zero bail sets them free to potentially commit more crimes. What’s going to happen if they re-offend? Will they be set free again?

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