Slingshot Shooter Strikes Again: 81-Year-Old Serial Vandal Arrested After Decade-Long Reign of Terror

Azusa, California – An 81-year-old man in Southern California has been arrested by police for being dubbed a “serial slingshot shooter” who allegedly terrorized his neighbors for nearly a decade. The man, identified as Prince King, was taken into custody after a long investigation by Azusa police into a series of incidents involving windows and windshields being broken by a mysterious slingshot assailant.

Police stated that the suspect had been targeting dozens of citizens in the 900 block of North Enid Avenue for approximately nine to ten years with his slingshot attacks. Inmate records confirm that King is indeed 81 years old, without any information on legal representation provided by the authorities.

A breakthrough in the case came when police executed a search warrant in the neighborhood where the slingshot attacks had been occurring. During the search, officers discovered ball bearings and a slingshot at King’s residence, leading to his subsequent arrest. Azusa police lieutenant, Jake Bushey, revealed that detectives had been investigating the incidents since the first slingshot attack, unable to identify a suspect until now.

According to Lt. Bushey, the motive behind the attacks appeared to be solely based on “malicious mischief,” with no specific targets identified. Some residents who commented on the police department’s Facebook post claimed their car windows had been shot out, although uncertainty remained about King’s involvement.

As the case progresses, King is scheduled for his next court appearance on Tuesday, where more details about the ongoing investigation are expected to be revealed. The community, relieved to have the serial slingshot shooter behind bars, awaits further updates on the case.