Soros-Backed DA Files Questionable Charges

Soros-Backed DA Files Questionable Charges

( – George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, and was a teenage boy when Adolf Hitler and his Nazis took control of the area. A f ...Read More

Biden Reveals How Far-Left He’s Willing to Go

Biden Reveals How Far-Left He's Willing to Go

( – Joe Biden made it through the Democratic selection process to become the presumptive nominee for one reason only – he’s seen as a ...Read More

FBI: Half of All Anti-US Spies From This One Country

FBI: Half of All Anti-US Spies From This One Country

( – China spends a lot of time defending its brutal, totalitarian policies because it always claims to be under threat. For example, ...Read More

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Dem Mayor Interferes With GOP Convention

( - Democratic officials around the country seem intent on getting involved in business that has nothing to do with them. In North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper (D)interfered in the Republican National Convention (RNC),...

Trump Says No More WHO

( - The Trump Administration hasn’t been happy with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) actions and how it handled the COVID-19 pandemic. President Trump told the American people the health organization spread Chinese propaganda...

Governor Takes Drastic Steps After Child’s Death

( - On Independence Day, at least two people opened fire on a car and killed 8-year-old Secoriea Turner in Atlanta. The shooting outraged officials across the city and statewide. Republican Governor Brian Kemp...

Ohio City Stands Up for Statues

( - Violent agitators have been ripping down and vandalizing statues in American cities for weeks now. President Trump recently signed two executive orders to address the problem. A city in Ohio is making...

Trump Consoles Father of Violence Victim

( - For weeks, officials in Seattle allowed their downtown area to be taken over by agitators who created an autonomous zone. By the time leadership cleared the area out, two teenagers were dead....

Patriots Among Us

( - As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our country, we should take some time to look around and find the patriots among us. These are people who love their country so...

Cruz: Cities Need to Pay

( - Experts believe the riots that have taken place in recent months are going to be the most expensive in history. Many people have wondered who’s going to pay for all of the...
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(Tea Party 247) – Radical leftists seem to have become very bold over the last few years, but particularly so ever since the disastrous coronavirus ...Read More

What Ilhan Omar Said She Wants To Do To The ‘American Economy And Political Systems’ Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine

First off, everyone was not surprised that Iran retaliated after American forces sent a drone to kill Iran’s top general and notorious terrorist Qa ...Read More

Iran’s Missiles Were Duds, but America Should Still Be Alarmed

Omar Declares War on America

( – Instead of upholding to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is promising to fight ...Read More

Omar Declares War on America

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Congress Shouldn’t Be a Lifetime Appointment

Typically, when a discussion arises about the Congress of the United States, the phrase “term...

Battle Rages Over Gun Rights

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution can be a divisive one when Liberals (typically...

What Does it Take to Be POTUS?

The President of the United States (POTUS), sometimes referred to as “the leader of the...

Impeachment: What it Means and Historical Use

For weeks, news feeds have been full of the impeachment process against President Trump. Unfortunately,...

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