$18,000 Permit Behind $10 Chicken Over Rice Cart! Find Out What’s Really Going On

New York City – Food carts selling chicken over rice are a common sight in New York City, but what many people may not realize is the high cost behind obtaining the necessary permits to operate these carts. A recent investigation revealed that some food cart vendors are paying up to $18,000 for a permit to sell their food.

The exorbitant cost of these permits has sparked outrage among food cart vendors, many of whom are struggling to make a living. The expensive permits have also led to a black market for permits, with some vendors renting or leasing their permits to other vendors at a high cost.

The high cost of permits is due to the limited number of permits issued by the city, which creates a competitive and expensive market. The city currently only issues a limited number of permits, which has led to a significant increase in the underground market for permits.

As a result, many food cart vendors are calling for reforms to the permit system, arguing that the current system is unfair and places an undue burden on small business owners. Some vendors are advocating for an increase in the number of permits issued, while others are calling for a complete overhaul of the permit system.

In response to the outcry, city officials have acknowledged the need for reform and have promised to review the current permit system. However, it remains to be seen whether any meaningful changes will be made to address the high cost of permits for food cart vendors in New York City.