2024 College Football Hot Seat Rankings Revealed: Which Coaches Are Feeling The Heat?

Miami, Florida – College football coaches across the nation are once again feeling the heat as the annual Hot Seat Rankings are released. With buyouts looming, speculation swirling, and job security on the line, the coaching carousel continues to spin with all the subtlety of a jackhammer. The offseason saw a significant turnover, with 29 programs making coaching changes, highlighting the volatile nature of the profession.

Over the past three years, 83 coaching changes have occurred, with a total of 125 changes in the last five seasons. The Hot Seat Rankings have proven to be somewhat of a predictor of coaching fates, with a high percentage of coaches rated 4 or hotter finding themselves either fired or resigning under pressure within the year.

Arkansas coach Sam Pittman leads the pack with a 5 rating, meaning win or be fired. Other notable coaches on the list include Florida’s Billy Napier and Baylor’s Dave Aranda, both facing pressure to produce results. Vanderbilt’s Clark Lea is also under scrutiny, with the university investing heavily in facilities upgrades in hopes of boosting the team’s performance.

Ohio State’s Ryan Day finds himself in a unique situation, needing to secure a win against rival Michigan to avoid dire consequences despite his impressive record. Similarly, Miami’s Mario Cristobal is on the hot seat due to contractual obligations, despite a lukewarm performance on the field.

The annual Hot Seat Rankings reveal the pressure felt by coaches across the country, with nine coaches facing increasing scrutiny in the upcoming season. As the college football landscape continues to evolve, job security remains a fleeting luxury for many in the coaching fraternity.