7-eleven shooting kills two people

BALTIMORE, MD – A fatal double shooting occurred Wednesday night in Northeast Baltimore, outside a 7-Eleven store, according to local law enforcement. Authorities have yet to reveal the identities of the victims or any potential suspects involved in the incident.

The police were alerted to the scene on the 4400 block of Bel Air Road just before 10 p.m. Upon arrival, they discovered two men critically wounded from gunshot injuries. Both victims were rushed to the hospital, where one man succumbed to his wounds that same night. The second victim’s death was confirmed by the police on Thursday morning.

A local news outlet’s video footage revealed bullet damage to a white Dodge Charger sedan parked nearby. The area surrounding the convenience store’s entrance was littered with clothing and other debris. Despite the presence of police cameras and lights in the parking lot, the deadly shooting occurred unabated.

A local resident, identified only as Vernon, expressed his dismay at the escalating violence in the city. “It’s just ridiculous. People are losing their life left and right in this city,” he lamented. He recalled a time when disputes would end in fights, not fatal shootings, and admitted to losing family members to the city’s violence.

The city has initiated gang violence zone crack downs in an attempt to curb shootings inside the city.