A-Fib Alert: Danny O’Donoghue Hospitalized After Night Out with Tom Jones!!!

Los Angeles, California – Danny O’Donoghue, lead singer of The Script, recently shared a harrowing experience involving a night out with legendary singer Tom Jones. The incident reportedly landed O’Donoghue in the hospital, experiencing atrial fibrillation, also known as A-Fib. Despite being 40 years younger than Jones, O’Donoghue found it challenging to keep up with the seasoned crooner during a night of drinking in Manchester.

The two musicians indulged in champagne at a hotel in Manchester, starting at midnight and continuing until 6 AM. O’Donoghue recounted how Jones would promptly order another bottle each time they finished one, insisting on staying at the table until they finished. He mentioned how Jones referenced iconic singers like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Sammy Davis Jr, using their legendary drinking habits as a justification for their own.

As the morning approached, O’Donoghue noticed his heart acting erratically, prompting him to seek medical attention. Doctors diagnosed him with atrial fibrillation, attributing it to excessive drinking during his night out with Jones. The health scare forced O’Donoghue to take time off from filming “The Voice” to recover, emphasizing that he holds no resentment towards Jones, as he acknowledges his own responsibility in the situation.

Despite the hospitalization, O’Donoghue expressed no hard feelings towards Jones, highlighting the camaraderie shared between them. With Jones recently celebrating his 84th birthday and O’Donoghue being 43, it is evident that age did not hinder the pair from enjoying a night out together. While O’Donoghue may approach future invitations from Jones with caution, the incident served as a memorable lesson in pacing oneself when drinking with a seasoned pro like Tom Jones.