AI-powered News App Artifact Co-Founder Mike Krieger Joins Anthropic as Chief Product Officer!

San Francisco, California – Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram and Artifact, has been appointed as the Chief Product Officer of Anthropic, a company specializing in AI technology. Krieger will lead product engineering, management, and design efforts at Anthropic, overseeing the expansion of their AI applications, including Claude, their generative AI technology. In his new role, Krieger will be responsible for both consumer-focused projects and enterprise services.

Expressing his excitement about joining Anthropic, Krieger highlighted the company’s dedication to developing trustworthy AI systems that enhance human capabilities. He praised Anthropic’s talent, principles, and technology, emphasizing the potential for AI to positively impact the world. Anthropic’s CEO, Dario Amodei, lauded Krieger’s engineering expertise and leadership skills, noting the value of his experience in creating user-friendly products.

After departing Instagram in 2018, Krieger co-founded Artifact with Kevin Systrom in 2023, focusing on recommender systems for news content aggregation. Following Yahoo’s acquisition of Artifact, Krieger collaborated with Systrom in an advisory role. Krieger’s recruitment by Anthropic coincides with recent advancements in AI technology by industry competitors, such as OpenAI’s improved ChatGPT platform and Google’s enhanced Gemini chatbot technology.

Anthropic’s strategic decision to hire Krieger suggests a push toward capturing a larger share of the consumer market. By leveraging Krieger’s expertise in product development and user experience, Anthropic aims to elevate its AI products and engage with a broader audience. Krieger’s track record of innovation and leadership positions him as a key asset in Anthropic’s pursuit of transformative AI solutions for various sectors.