Alien Universe Expands with Elle Fanning Set to Star in “Badlands” – Exclusive Details Inside!

Los Angeles, CA – After the announcement of an expansion of the Predator universe by 20th Century earlier this year, excitement continues to build with the news that Elle Fanning is in talks to star in the upcoming film Badlands. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the standalone project is set to bring some serious star power to the screen, with Fanning potentially leading the cast. Trachtenberg collaborated on the script with Patrick Aison.

Details of the plot remain under wraps, but it is confirmed that the film will feature the beloved extraterrestrial big game hunter. While release plans are yet to be revealed, the success of recent theatrical releases by 20th Century suggests that a traditional premiere may be possible, as opposed to exclusive streaming.

Building on the positive reception of the film Prey in 2022, which garnered critical acclaim and even earned an Emmy nomination, 20th Century is looking to expand the universe with Trachtenberg’s guidance. The decision to pursue an established star like Fanning for the new project signifies a strategic shift from the previous casting choices.

Having already displayed her talent in the sci-fi genre with appearances in films like Super 8, Fanning’s potential involvement in Badlands adds to her diverse repertoire. Her recent Emmy-nominated performance in The Great further solidifies her standing as a sought-after actress in the industry.

In the realm of sequels, sources hint at a potential follow-up to Prey, tentatively titled Prey 2, which may see the return of original cast members like Amber Midthunder. Such a move would mark a significant departure from the franchise’s established pattern of standalone films, hinting at a deeper exploration of characters and storylines.

Fanning’s upcoming projects, including the highly anticipated Bob Dylan biopic A Complete Unknown, showcase her versatility as an actress with a knack for tackling diverse roles. With her talents and commitment, Fanning is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of entertainment.