Apartment manager arrested for assaulting kids in her complex

Two children are recovering in Greensboro after a woman allegedly assaulted them at the Sedgefield Gardens Apartments. Kimberly Jennings, a 62-year-old resident and property manager, was arrested and charged with two counts of simple assault on a child under 12. The incident, captured on security footage, has sparked outrage and support for the victims’ family.

The assault took place at the Sedgefield Gardens Apartments on West Avenue in Greensboro. According to 11-year-old Jace Eury, he and his sister Jayla were playing in the apartment complex pool when Jennings, who is known to be the property manager, hit Jayla. In response, Jace retaliated by splashing water on Jennings. The situation escalated as Jennings poured Coke on Jace and hit him with a bottle. The incident was captured on security footage, providing evidence for the subsequent investigation.

Greensboro police responded to the complex on Thursday afternoon and obtained warrants for Jennings’ arrest. She was taken into custody later that day and transported to Guilford County Jail. The parents of the assaulted children expressed their frustration, believing that if the roles were reversed, the response would have been different. They claim that Jennings had been harassing their children throughout the summer, preventing them from enjoying the pool.

Since the video of the incident was posted online, the family has received an outpouring of support from residents and activist groups. The post quickly went viral, spreading across various social media platforms. However, the Eurys feel that more needs to be done to address the situation. They are demanding that Jennings be fired from her position at the apartment complex and are planning to file a lawsuit against both Jennings and the property management company.

The family, who resides near the apartment complex, expressed their anger and frustration at the ongoing situation. They appreciate the support they have received but also feel a sense of anger intensifying within them. The Eurys believe that the incident highlights a double standard, where they fear repercussions for defending their children while the assailant faces minimal consequences. The investigation into the apartment manager’s actions is ongoing.