Arizona man and mother arrested after father’s dismembered body found in burning barrel

An Arizona man and his mother have been taken into custody after the dismembered body of his father was discovered inside a burning barrel. The gruesome incident unfolded in Casa Grande, where firefighters stumbled upon human remains while responding to a structure fire. The police department revealed that the suspect, Christopher Chase, called 911 to confess his involvement in disposing of the body by setting it on fire. The investigation is ongoing, and charges have been filed against both Chase and his mother, Melissa Lynne Chase.

Fire personnel in Casa Grande made a horrifying discovery when they found parts of a human body inside a 55-gallon metal barrel while responding to a structure fire on North Brown Avenue. Authorities reported that firefighters witnessed an individual fleeing the scene, but the person ignored their commands to stop. Approximately half an hour later, Christopher Chase, 32, dialed 911 and admitted to setting the body on fire before fleeing when the fire department arrived. Chase was apprehended nearby on North Morrison Avenue. The police investigation revealed that Chase had held three individuals at gunpoint, demanding the keys to their vehicle. Fortunately, none of the victims sustained physical injuries.

Detectives uncovered that Christopher Chase and his father, Thomas Chase, had engaged in a physical altercation two days prior to the incident. The altercation escalated to the point where Christopher shot his father at their residence on North Terrace Circle. Following the shooting, Christopher dismembered his father’s body. Melissa Lynne Chase, Christopher’s mother, was found to have assisted in concealing and cleaning up evidence related to the killing. Both Christopher and Melissa have been booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Center, facing charges of abandonment/concealment of a dead body and tampering with evidence. Christopher Chase also faces additional charges of murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and burglary.

The medical examiner is currently determining the exact cause of Thomas Chase’s death. Despite the arrests, the investigation remains ongoing, with authorities continuing to gather evidence and interview witnesses.

The motive behind the altercation between Christopher and his father has not been disclosed. The community of Casa Grande has been left shocked and disturbed by the gruesome nature of the crime, as residents grapple with the unsettling reality that such violence can occur close to home.