Arizona man stabbed girlfriend 26 times

In a shocking incident, Erik Islas, 53, from Peoria, Arizona, has been taken into custody and charged with the murder of his girlfriend. Patricia Hawking, aged 59, was found in her home, having suffered 26 stab wounds. After the alleged crime, Islas is believed to have escaped to Mexico.

The case came to light when Hawking’s landlord alerted the police about her tenant’s unexplained absence. The landlord had tried to contact Hawking, but a man answered the phone, stating he had found it at a Phoenix intersection. This led to a police visit to Hawking’s home on September 5.

The scene that greeted the police was one of violence and disorder. Blood was evident on the floor, and a blood-stained knife was found in the trash. The disarray in the home pointed to a violent struggle, with broken furniture and damaged items strewn about.

Hawking’s body was found in a bedroom, showing clear signs of trauma. The autopsy revealed she had been stabbed 26 times, with part of the knife still embedded in her back. Surveillance footage obtained by the police showed Hawking and Islas in a physical altercation on the day she was killed. Family members of the victim told the police that the couple’s relationship had been turbulent, and Islas had previously inflicted harm on Hawking.

Further investigation revealed that Islas had threatened to kill Hawking and her family. After the murder, Islas allegedly took Hawking’s phone to avoid detection and fled to Mexico. His vehicle was later traced, and he was arrested upon his return to the U.S. During his arrest, Islas confessed to the crime, admitting to stabbing Hawking with the intention to kill her.

Islas is currently in custody without bail, and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation into the case.