Armed man opens fire at Walmart store

LAS VEGAS, NV – Local resident Elante Hines, 31, was arrested on multiple serious charges following a shooting in a Walmart parking lot on Halloween. The shooting victim was the father of his girlfriend’s children.

Las Vegas Police responded to shooting reports at around 3 p.m. on October 31. Upon their arrival, the victim recounted encountering the mother of his children with their four children in tow. Among them were his two daughters, and another man, who was identified later as Hines.

The victim reported holding a cordial conversation with his children’s mother in the store with no arguments or feelings of disrespect. He had noticed Hines’ presence, but he did not pay much attention to Himes during the exchange.

Video evidence revealed that Hines, in between the discourse, exited the store, went to his car and retrieved an undisclosed item. When he returned, Hines was caught on video with a gun resembling object in his waistband.

The victim recalled hearing Hines threatening the mother of his children, stating, “Let him come outside and see what happens.” As they all exited the store, Hines reportedly pulled out his weapon and fired at the victim. Hines then escaped in his Dodge Charger with his girlfriend and her children.

Police investigation revealed that Hines had been involved in a separate attempted murder case, and a warrant for his arrest was already outstanding. The victim later identified Hines as the shooter from a photo lineup.

On November 2, Hines was apprehended at a friend’s residence and was booked into the Clark County Detention Center. He is set to appear in court on November 21.