Atmospheric River Update: Nearly 50,000 Still Without Power – Roads Closed, School Closures, and Evacuation Warnings!

SALINAS, Calif. — A deadly atmospheric river brought powerful winds, downed powerlines and trees, and blocked roads across the Central Coast. As of Monday afternoon, nearly 50,000 PG&E customers were still without power in various counties on the Central Coast, including Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito. The aftermath of the storm also resulted in the closure of several schools due to power outages and storm damage.

The PG&E Outage Center provided the latest information on power outages, while recourse centers were set up at various locations to provide support to those affected by the storm. Additionally, multiple roads were closed in Santa Cruz and Monterey County due to dangerous conditions, fallen trees, and debris from the storm.

As residents on the Central Coast worked to recover from the impact of the atmospheric river, evacuation orders and warnings were lifted in Monterey County. The community came together to address the challenges brought on by the storm, with authorities and organizations providing support and resources to assist those affected.

The power outages and road closures had a significant impact on the daily lives of residents, with schools being forced to close and many individuals facing challenges in their commute due to blocked roads. Videos of fallen trees in residential areas depicted the intensity of the storm and its consequences, highlighting the need for swift response and recovery efforts.

Despite the challenges faced by the community, the lifting of evacuation orders and the availability of resources at recourse centers provided a glimmer of hope as residents began the process of returning to normalcy after the destructive atmospheric river. The storm served as a reminder of the resilience and unity of the community in the face of adversity, with residents, authorities, and organizations coming together to navigate the aftermath and support those affected.