AT&T Outage Alert: Service Down for Some Users Across Major US Cities

Atlanta, Georgia – AT&T customers across the nation are facing service outages once again, leaving many without the ability to complete calls between carriers. The issue has impacted a significant number of customers, causing frustrations and disruptions in communication.

According to a statement from the company, the outage is affecting the ability of AT&T customers to connect with those using a rival service. While calls between AT&T customers are still functional, some subscribers have reported complete disruptions in their service, particularly on social media platforms.

Despite the challenges, AT&T reassures customers that the carriers are actively working to diagnose and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The company has not disclosed the exact number of impacted customers, but reports on Down Detector indicate a noticeable spike in service issues starting in the early afternoon.

Major cities like New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis have been noted as experiencing a high volume of service problems. Additionally, thousands of Verizon customers have also reported service outages due to interoperability issues stemming from the AT&T outage.

While some areas, like Camden County, Georgia, and Scranton, Pennsylvania, have raised concerns about disruptions in 911 calls, AT&T clarified that emergency calls are still going through. The company mentioned that alerts sent out in these areas were accidental and are currently under investigation.

This latest outage comes on the heels of a massive disruption in February that lasted nearly 12 hours, affecting tens of thousands of AT&T customers nationwide. In light of previous incidents, AT&T customers are understandably concerned about the reliability of the network and the potential impact on their daily communication needs.

As the telecom giant continues to address the current service outage, customers are advised to stay informed and patient as efforts are made to restore full functionality. The company’s focus remains on resolving the issue promptly and minimizing any further disruptions in service.