Attorney General Merrick Garland Slams Republicans in Tense Hearing – CNN Report

Attorney General Merrick Garland is set to address Congress on Tuesday, condemning what he calls baseless attacks and conspiracy theories propagated by Republicans regarding the Justice Department. Garland is expected to defend the Department’s integrity and push back against accusations of political bias during what is anticipated to be a contentious hearing with the House Judiciary Committee.

Garland’s statement will mark his most explicit comments since taking office in 2020, emphasizing that recent assaults on the Justice Department are unprecedented and lacking in merit. The Attorney General is prepared to challenge criticism from certain members of Congress who are seeking contempt charges in an attempt to access sensitive law enforcement information for what he deems as illegitimate reasons.

The hearing will focus on the Department’s performance under Garland’s leadership, particularly its efforts to combat violent crime and address potential threats to the US emerging from international conflicts. Republicans are pursuing contempt proceedings against Garland for refusing to release audio tapes of former President Donald Trump, which were recorded during an investigation led by special counsel Robert Hur.

In response to the accusations and contempt proceedings, Garland is expected to underscore the importance of upholding the judicial process and safeguarding the integrity of law enforcement operations. He will also address other threats posed by misinformation regarding FBI operations and attempts to defund certain investigations within the Department.

Despite facing mounting pressure and threats of contempt, Garland remains resolute in protecting the Department’s autonomy and ensuring that prosecutors and agents can carry out their duties without political interference. He vows not to be intimidated and asserts that the Justice Department will continue to operate independently to safeguard democracy and uphold the rule of law.