Babysitter faces felony charges for nearly beating 1-year-old to death in brutal assault

New details have emerged in a shocking case where a 1-year-old child was allegedly subjected to severe injuries by a trusted babysitter. Abby Chosewood, 23, is facing charges of felony cruelty to children and felony aggravated assault for the incident that took place in February last year. The Gainesville Police Department has revealed that the child’s injuries were so severe that they came close to being fatal. The investigation was initiated after a call from the Department of Family and Children’s Services, and the police are now determined to ensure justice is served.

According to Gainesville Police Lt. Kevin Holbrook, the child suffered numerous injuries, including multiple broken bones, including a femur, which is one of the strongest bones in the human body. Additionally, the child had petechiae and bruising on her body, indicating a possible strangulation-type injury. However, it remains unclear whether the child was choked or smothered, but it is evident that she was deprived of oxygen. Disturbingly, the child’s parents did not have nanny cams installed in their home, leaving them unaware of the abuse.

After months of investigation, detectives were able to determine the timeframe in which the child sustained the injuries and identified Abby Chosewood as the responsible party. Lt. Holbrook expressed his hope that no other children were subjected to similar abuse, acknowledging that the exact details of what transpired in the house may never be fully known. Chosewood, who was a family friend of the child’s parents, was brought in for questioning, but the specifics of that interview cannot be disclosed at this time.

Abby Chosewood, who aspired to work as a sideline reporter at ESPN, has a YouTube page featuring news stories she produced during her college years. This criminal case is not her first encounter with law enforcement. Court records reveal that she pleaded guilty to financial transaction card theft and fraud in September of last year. In that case, Chosewood admitted to stealing another woman’s debit card and using it for personal online purchases. She is currently on probation for those charges.

Lt. Holbrook noted that Chosewood did not appear surprised when informed of the assault charges against her. He emphasized that her lack of sympathy would be addressed in court, where she will have the opportunity to present her side of the story. A court date for Chosewood has yet to be scheduled, and her attorney has declined to comment on the charges.