Bayer’s $2.25 Billion Verdict Slashed to $400 Million: Judge Upholds Cancer Link to Roundup – Appeal Planned

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – A Pennsylvania judge has significantly reduced a $2.25 billion verdict against Bayer to $400 million for a man who claimed that he developed cancer from exposure to the company’s Roundup weedkiller. The jury found that the man’s cancer was caused by his use of Roundup for yard work, resulting in the initial damages award.

Judge Susan Schulman granted Bayer’s post-trial motions and reduced the compensatory and punitive damages in the case. Bayer intends to continue appealing the decision, arguing that the trial court allowed misleading and inflammatory testimony. The company also called for legislative reform to protect companies that comply with federal regulations.

Despite the reduction in damages, the man’s attorneys plan to appeal the decision to reinstate the original $2.25 billion verdict. Bayer has maintained that Roundup and its active ingredient are safe for human use, citing decades of studies supporting their claim.

While Bayer has had success in the majority of Roundup trials, a series of recent losses have led to over $4 billion in verdicts against the company. These cases have been a setback for Bayer, following their acquisition of Monsanto in 2018.

The settlement of most Roundup cases in 2020 for up to $9.6 billion did not cover future claims, with over 50,000 pending cases still unresolved. The widespread litigation surrounding Roundup has raised concerns about the product’s safety and potential health risks.

One of the most widely used weedkillers in the United States, Roundup’s legal challenges continue to plague Bayer, with implications for both the company and consumers. As the legal battle unfolds, the impact on the agrochemical industry and public health remains a topic of significant debate and concern.