Beatles Lost Guitar Used by John Lennon Sells for $2.8M – Unbelievable Find in Attic!

An extraordinary piece of music history was recently unearthed in a small attic, sparking a bidding war that culminated in a mind-blowing purchase price. In New York, a lost 1964 Framus Hootenanny guitar that once belonged to legendary Beatles members John Lennon and George Harrison fetched an astonishing sum of $2.8 million at auction. The guitar had been missing for five decades before resurfacing in an attic, making it one of the most lucrative Beatles memorabilia items ever sold.

Julien’s Auctions reported that the instrument, used by Lennon and Harrison during the recording of the albums “Help!” and “Rubber Soul” in 1965, exceeded expectations with a selling price well above the estimated $600,000 to $800,000. The sale of this iconic guitar now places it among the top five most expensive guitars ever sold, a testament to the enduring legacy and impact of the Beatles on music history.

The guitar’s journey from anonymity to the auction block is as intriguing as its illustrious past. Initially gifted by Lennon to Gordon Waller of the pop duo Peter and Gordon, the instrument eventually found its way into an attic, forgotten for decades by its custodian. It wasn’t until a man in Britain stumbled upon the guitar in his parents’ home while they were moving that its true significance was rediscovered and brought to light.

Experts worked diligently to authenticate the guitar’s provenance, comparing it to images of Lennon using a similar instrument in the film “Help!” and during recording sessions. Musician and author Andy Babiuk, one of the experts involved in the verification process, emphasized the historical importance of this find, likening it to discovering a lost masterpiece by a renowned artist.

This remarkable discovery adds to a string of incidents where lost Beatles memorabilia resurfaces years later, underscoring the enduring fascination and value of items associated with the iconic band. Another of Lennon’s guitars, reported stolen in the ’60s, was located in 2014 and sold for a considerable sum, while a stolen H√∂fner bass guitar owned by Paul McCartney was recovered in February, further highlighting the allure of these rare and historic artifacts. The constant unveiling of lost relics from the Beatles’ legacy continues to captivate fans and collectors alike, preserving the band’s enduring influence and significance in the world of music.