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Washington D.C. – In the latest development regarding the US election, top House Democrat Hakeem Jeffries is convening with his leadership team to discuss the growing calls for Joe Biden to step down from the re-election campaign against Donald Trump. Amid concerns within the Democratic Party that Biden may not be the best candidate to defeat Trump in November and serve another term, the pressure for him to withdraw from the race is mounting.

Jeffries stated that he intends to consult with over 200 House Democrats before strategizing with his top team on the path forward. The discussions within the party have been described as candid, comprehensive, and clear-eyed, with various members expressing their reservations about Biden’s candidacy.

Several Democratic lawmakers, including Michigan’s Hillary Scholten and New York’s Ritchie Torres, have publicly called on Biden to step aside, citing the need for a new leader to lead the party. Concerns have been raised that Biden’s candidacy could impact the Democratic Party’s chances of regaining control of the House as well.

Despite the growing dissent within the party, Jeffries remains optimistic about the Democrats’ prospects in the upcoming election. He confidently stated that the House Democrats will regain control of the House of Representatives on November 5, dismissing concerns about Biden’s impact on the party’s campaign funding.

The growing unease among lawmakers follows Biden’s lackluster debate performance against Trump, prompting fears that he may not be the strongest contender to challenge the incumbent president. Influential donors and party operatives have also expressed doubts about Biden’s ability to secure re-election and serve another term in office.

The White House and the Biden campaign have maintained that the president is committed to his re-election bid and is determined to defeat Trump. However, the behind-the-scenes discussions on Capitol Hill indicate a growing sense of urgency among Democratic leaders to address the mounting concerns surrounding Biden’s candidacy.

As Biden prepares to address the media at a press conference following the Nato summit, the Democratic Party finds itself at a critical juncture, grappling with internal divisions and external pressures to reassess its strategy for the upcoming election.