Biden’s Troubles: Shocking 25 House Representatives Call for President to Step Aside

Arlington, Virginia – Up to 25 House representatives could call for President Biden to step aside as he faces growing discontent over his candidacy. Biden is set to meet with Democratic governors today in an effort to address concerns following a call from a congressional Democrat for him to withdraw from the presidential race.

Biden aims to reassure the governors and Capitol Hill leaders of his competence after a lackluster debate performance against Donald Trump. Concerns have arisen over his standing and stagnant poll ratings in some battleground states. The president recently attributed his weak performance to extensive travel, acknowledging a failure to listen to his staff.

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that one in three Democrats believe Biden should end his re-election campaign. Additionally, 25 Democrat House members are reportedly considering calling on him to step aside. Congressman Lloyd Doggett of Texas became the first Democrat in the House of Representatives to publicly urge Biden to withdraw, citing a failure to effectively defend his accomplishments and expose Trump’s lies.

Meanwhile, US authorities have expelled more than 100 Chinese migrants in a rare mass deportation event. The Department of Homeland Security stated the move was in line with enforcing immigration laws and removing individuals without legal basis to remain in the United States. The expulsion marks the first large charter flight of Chinese migrants in five years.

The US is working with China to enhance efforts to deter irregular migration and disrupt human smuggling. Cooperation on migration issues between the US and China has been challenging, with efforts to return Chinese nationals facing resistance from China. Last year, US border officials arrested a significant number of Chinese nationals on the southern border.

In a major poll across 15 countries, it was revealed that the Russian war in Ukraine is likely to result in a negotiated settlement with Russia rather than an outright victory for Ukraine. Despite differing views across European countries, the majority of Ukrainians anticipate a victory for their country. Trust in President Zelenskiy remains relatively high among Ukrainians.

In other news, Hurricane Beryl has devastated small Caribbean islands, resulting in at least four deaths. Additionally, concerns have been raised over Israel’s potential war against Hezbollah to support Benjamin Netanyahu’s political survival, with warnings of mass civilian casualties. Moreover, a tragic crowd crush at a Hindu religious congregation in northern India has claimed more than 120 lives.

Google’s efforts to reduce its climate footprint face challenges as the tech company’s emissions have surged due to energy consumption by data centers. The company aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030 despite the significant increase in greenhouse gas emissions over the past five years.

The maple industry in Vermont is experiencing growth despite concerns over the climate crisis impacting syrup production. Production has steadily increased in Vermont, reaching record highs in recent years. More surprising, considering climate challenges, the industry continues to thrive.

Tulsa race massacre survivors are dismayed by the dismissal of a historic lawsuit seeking restitution for the victims and descendants of the 1921 tragedy. Survivor Lessie Benningfield Randle, 109, and Viola Fletcher, 110, expressed sadness at the lack of acknowledgment and compensation for one of America’s darkest days.

Lastly, a climate protester in the UK defied a judge by delivering an impassioned speech in court, justifying his actions on the grounds of preventing human extinction due to climate breakdown. Roger Hallam, 58, emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change to avert a catastrophic future.