Body of mass shooter found near recycling plant

LEWISTON, ME – The small town of Lewiston witnessed a somber close to its darkest chapter when authorities confirmed the death of Robert Card, the alleged orchestrator of Wednesday’s mass shooting. His lifeless body brought an end to the frantic 48-hour search that had gripped the community.

Late on Friday, Card’s body was discovered near a Lisbon Falls recycling facility, with the scene suggesting a tragic self-inflicted end. The link between the suspect and the facility? Card once worked there. The intricate details of his association remain under wraps.

With Card identified early on as the central figure in the investigation, law enforcement left no stone unturned. Their efforts included the collaborative might of local police, state officials, and federal heavyweights like the FBI, SWAT, and the specialized ‘BORTAC’ Border Patrol.

Maine’s Governor Janet Mills lauded the relentless determination of all involved agencies during a press event. She acknowledged the collaboration that brought an end to a tense chapter for Lewiston’s residents.

The ripple effects of the mass shooting were deeply felt, not just due to the number of victims, but also their age range. As the community mourns, the names of the 18 victims, aged between 14 to 76, have been shared with the public.