Body of a woman found suspected to be a woman who had been reported ‘naked and afraid’ on a construction site before disappearing

The search for Mekenna Reiley, a 40-year-old speech teacher who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in April, has taken a grim turn. A body was discovered in the Blue River Reservoir, east of Eugene, Oregon, where Reiley lived. The Lane County Sheriff’s Office made the announcement on Sunday, stating that the remains were found a day prior. However, they have yet to confirm the identity of the body or the cause of death.

Reiley was last seen in April after a strange incident at a construction site near her home. Workers at the site reported that she arrived in a state of disarray, without clothes, and appeared frightened. Her personal belongings, including her keys, purse, and phone, were later found at her residence in Blue River. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance have been a cause for concern, prompting a thorough investigation.

Scott McKee, a private investigator hired by Reiley’s family, expressed his belief that the body found could be that of the missing woman. However, he clarified that this was a preliminary assumption and that the final identification would be made during the autopsy. The sheriff’s office, currently managing multiple wildfire evacuation orders, stated that more information would be available later in the week.

Reiley’s disappearance was reported on April 5, following her unusual encounter at the construction site, located approximately 150 miles south of Portland. According to her sister, Bevin Stepp, Reiley seemed frightened and claimed she had no safe place to go. Stepp also mentioned that investigators suggested Reiley might have been under the influence of drugs or had been drugged, although the sheriff’s office has refuted these claims.

At the time of her disappearance, Reiley, originally from Pennsylvania, had plans to visit a friend in Arkansas and had expressed a desire to move back to her home state, citing safety concerns. Despite a history of domestic violence with her former boyfriend, he has been ruled out as a suspect in her disappearance.

Reiley’s belongings, including her phone, car, fresh groceries, and pet dog, were found at her home. A bag of clothes was later discovered in the woods, but there were no other signs of her. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward.