Bonus Round Controversy: Wheel of Fortune Player Opens Up About $40K Blunder, Watch the Interview!

Los Angeles, California – A Wheel of Fortune player has spoken out about her controversial response to a puzzle that cost her a $40,000 prize during a bonus round. The player, Megan Carvale, appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to clarify what she said during the game and the effect it has had on her.

Carvale, a high school teacher from California, was given a puzzle to solve that had the category “living thing” and the partial phrase “P_N_’ ‘_RC_ _ D.” After guessing a few correct letters, she had 10 seconds to come up with a two-word answer that she thought was “Pink Orchid.” However, there was some dispute about whether she fully committed to that answer.

The controversy surrounding her response led many fans to believe that she should have been awarded the prize, with some arguing that she had said the correct answer. Despite the outcome, Carvale maintained that she had received nothing but supportive feedback and didn’t feel ridiculed for the mistake.

During her interview on “Good Morning America,” Carvale shared that her 8-year-old son wouldn’t let her live down the moment, reminding her of the “Pink Orchid” puzzle. While she admitted that the word had been haunting her, she felt relieved after clarifying her response and appreciated the positive feedback she received.

Overall, the incident has sparked widespread discussion and debate among fans of the show, with many expressing outrage at what they felt was an unfair outcome. However, Carvale’s honesty and openness about the situation have garnered support from viewers all over the country.