Boobs vs Critics: Eva Amurri Slams Wedding Dress Haters With Iconic Photo!

Hudson Valley, NY: After facing criticism for her low-cut wedding dress, Eva Amurri, daughter of Susan Sarandon, took to social media to address the backlash, showcasing a photo of Sophia Loren side-eyeing Jayne Mansfield’s cleavage in a 1957 iconic picture. The picture was a response to internet users who deemed Amurri’s gown neckline inappropriate.

Adding her own captions to the photo, Amurri humorously compared Loren’s expression to “the internet” and Mansfield’s bust to her own “size 32F boobs minding their business in a wedding dress.” The Happily Eva After blogger continued to defend her choice of attire, emphasizing that her attire was meant to make her feel sexy yet elegant on her wedding day.

Despite expressing her wedding as “magical” and “perfect,” even amidst the rain, commenters found fault with the gown’s cleavage exposure. Amurri, undeterred, stood up to body-shamers, urging them to screenshot a close-up photo of her chest in the dress and share it if they were scandalized by her choice of attire.

Describing her gown as vintage-inspired and ultra-feminine, Amurri shared her excitement about looking “sexy yet elegant” on her special day. The influencer, who has three children from her previous marriage, got engaged to Ian Hock in February 2023 after two years of dating, ultimately tying the knot in a beautiful garden-themed wedding.

In an interview with People, Amurri expressed her love for the vintage feel of her wedding gown, which was designed by Kim Kassas. She later changed into a fun, feathered A-line lace minidress by the same designer for the reception, showcasing her unique sense of style and fashion on her special day.

Amurri’s bold response to critics and her unwavering confidence in her fashion choices have made her wedding attire a topic of discussion. Despite facing backlash, she remains proud of her decision to wear a gown that made her feel both sexy and elegant on one of the most important days of her life.