Brawl Breaks Out at LA Parade as Danny Trejo Defends Vintage Corvette – Watch Now!

LOS ANGELES, CA – Actor Danny Trejo found himself in the middle of a scuffle during the Fourth of July parade in Sunland-Tujunga. The incident occurred when a paradegoer allegedly threw a water balloon at Trejo’s vintage convertible, resulting in a brawl along the parade route.

In a video captured by ABC 7 Los Angeles, the 80-year-old actor, known for his role in “Machete,” was seen stopping his baby blue Corvette along the parade route after a water balloon hit the windshield. Dressed in a white shirt and black pants, Trejo confronted the man suspected of throwing the balloon, throwing a punch that missed its target.

The situation escalated as a brawl broke out, involving the suspect and others who joined in. The scuffle moved onto the sidewalk where spectators had gathered to watch the parade. Despite the chaos, bystanders managed to break up the fight after approximately 30 seconds.

Police were called to the scene but the crowd had dispersed by the time they arrived. No arrests were made, and Trejo later expressed his disdain for the childish act of throwing a water balloon at his car, calling the perpetrators cowards.

This incident comes shortly after Trejo announced the passing of his 16-year-old chihuahua, Dixie. The actor, who has been open about his past struggles with drug addiction and time spent in prison, found sobriety in 1968 and went on to build a successful acting career, appearing in over 400 movies and television shows since his debut in 1985.

As an iconic figure in Hollywood, Trejo’s involvement in the parade scuffle adds another layer to his larger-than-life persona, showcasing his willingness to stand up for himself in unexpected situations. Despite the altercation, Trejo emerged unharmed and continues to be a symbol of resilience and strength in the entertainment industry.