Bridge Survivor Recounts Terrifying Tale of Tragedy: Julio Cervantes Suarez Speaks Out After Baltimore Accident

Baltimore, Maryland – Julio Cervantes Suarez found himself in a terrifying situation in the early hours of March 26th, as he and his coworkers took a break from fixing potholes on the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The calm night turned chaotic as a 985-foot container ship, the Dali, collided with one of the bridge’s support pillars, sending several workers, including Suarez, plummeting into the Patapsco River below.

The 37-year-old construction worker, one of the two survivors, recounted the harrowing incident to NBC News in an exclusive interview. Suarez described the panicked moments after his vehicle plunged into the water, where he struggled to open doors and had to manually roll down the windows to escape. He then clung to a slab of concrete from the wreckage while awaiting rescue.

In his interview, Suarez shared the heart-wrenching experience of searching for his coworkers in the murky waters, calling out their names in vain. He particularly recalled his nephew, Carlos Daniel Hernández, whom he considered a son, being the first to fall during the tragic event. Suarez expressed deep remorse for having urged Hernández to rest in his car moments before the disaster struck.

The emotional toll of the bridge collapse weighs heavily on Suarez, who still grapples with physical pain from the incident. Despite his own suffering, he is adamant about holding all responsible parties accountable for the damages caused, including the loss suffered by Hernández’s family. The investigation into the crash continues, with federal authorities scrutinizing the circumstances that led to the disaster and raising questions about the preparedness to prevent similar incidents in the future.

While Suarez seeks justice for the victims and their families, he acknowledges that no amount of compensation can fill the void left by the tragedy. His poignant words reflect the profound impact of the bridge collapse, as he mourns the irreplaceable loss of loved ones and the lasting scars it has left on the community.