Carried-Out-of-Nashville-Bar—Exclusive Video Emerges of Bobbi Althoff Passed Out—Hangover Incoming?!?

Nashville, Tennessee – Bobbi Althoff’s night out in Nashville took an unexpected turn when she was seen being carried out of a local pub while appearing to be unconscious, as captured in a video obtained by TMZ. The incident occurred early Monday morning at the Barstool Sports Bar in Nashville, showing Althoff being assisted out of the establishment.

In the footage, NFL player Sean Murphy-Bunting can be seen holding Althoff as he accompanies her out of the bar. Witnesses at the scene noted that both individuals were wearing outfits matching those seen in a video Althoff had shared prior to their evening outing.

After a brief stop on the stairs outside the bar, Murphy-Bunting proceeded to carry Althoff into a waiting black SUV, aiding her departure from the scene. Sources linked to the group from that evening mentioned that Murphy-Bunting was ensuring Althoff’s safety and well-being, acting as a supportive friend.

Althoff had shared several videos on social media documenting the group’s preparations before heading out for the night. Her final Instagram story of the evening featured her enjoying what appeared to be champagne, setting the tone for what would become a memorable night out for the group.

Despite the eventful evening captured in the videos, Althoff’s current condition post-exit remains unknown. Attempts to reach out for comment from her representatives have so far not yielded any response, leaving questions about her well-being unanswered.

The incident, highlighted by the video footage, suggests a potentially rough aftermath for Althoff, hinting at a possible hangover looming. As details surrounding the situation continue to unfold, the public remains curious about the aftermath and Althoff’s recovery following the memorable night out in Nashville.