Cease and Desist Letter Over ‘The Apprentice’ Film Premiere Sparks Legal Battle with Ex-President Trump

Cannes, France – Legal tensions have arisen at the Cannes Film Festival as former President Donald Trump’s attorneys have taken action against the filmmakers of “The Apprentice,” a movie depicting Trump’s early years as a real estate developer and his ties to Roy Cohn. Trump’s legal team has issued a cease and desist letter to prevent the film from being sold and released in the United States, urging the filmmakers to halt any distribution deals.

The independently produced film, starring Sebastian Stan as Trump and Jeremy Strong as Cohn, presents a critical portrayal of the former president as ethically compromised and involved in unsavory practices. The controversial details in the movie include scenes of Trump mistreating his first wife, Ivana, as well as engaging in unethical business dealings with the mob. Trump’s campaign has swiftly responded with threats of legal action, denouncing the film as “malicious defamation” and unfit for public viewing.

In a statement, the producers of “The Apprentice” defended the film as a fair and balanced portrayal of Trump’s character, urging viewers to watch it and form their own opinions. Director Ali Abbasi, known for his works “Holy Spider” and “Border,” addressed Trump’s legal threats at a press conference in Cannes, highlighting the success rate of Trump’s lawsuits and offering to screen the movie for him.

Despite the legal dispute, the filmmakers behind “The Apprentice” remain determined to share their perspective on Trump’s past through the film. The movie’s script, crafted by journalist Gabriel Sherman, seeks to shed light on lesser-known aspects of Trump’s history as a real estate tycoon. With tensions escalating between Trump’s team and the filmmakers, the future of “The Apprentice” in the U.S. market remains uncertain.