Charmed actress refutes Shannen Doherty firing rumors – Find out what she had to say!

Orlando, Florida – Alyssa Milano recently addressed claims made by her former “Charmed” co-stars regarding the departure of Shannen Doherty from the hit show. Milano took to social media to deny allegations that she had any involvement in Doherty’s exit from the series, which occurred after its third season in 2001.

At a panel discussion at MegaCon in Orlando, Milano responded to her co-stars’ claims without directly addressing Doherty’s departure. She later elaborated on her remarks in an Instagram post, stating that she did not have the authority to have anyone fired from the show.

Milano also expressed her frustration at the ongoing public discussion surrounding the show, highlighting that the alleged events occurred a quarter of a century ago and that retelling the stories was simply revisionist history.

In a separate appearance on Doherty’s podcast, Holly Marie Combs, another star of “Charmed,” recalled a conversation with a producer who claimed they were forced to choose between Milano and Doherty due to a threat of legal action from Milano regarding a hostile work environment.

According to Milano, the matter was thoroughly investigated by a professional mediator and an on-set producer, as well as the studio and network, who ultimately made the decision to protect the success of the show.

The original stars of “Charmed,” including Milano, Doherty, and Combs, had played a pivotal role in the series, which debuted on the WB network in 1998. The show went on for a total of 8 successful seasons, even after Doherty’s departure.

The ongoing public disputes have also involved former co-star Rose McGowan, who has made allegations of toxic behavior on set. However, Milano has continued to express her gratitude for the show and sends well wishes to her former co-stars.

The entire saga continues to be a topic of discussion among fans and industry insiders, shedding light on the complexities of professional relationships in the entertainment business.