Chop shop busted after ‘suspicious’ activity call

In Canton, Georgia, a quartet of individuals found themselves in handcuffs following a tip-off about suspicious activities. The tip led Cherokee County deputies to a residence on Lower Scott Mill Road, where they stumbled upon an alleged chop shop operation. The drama unfolded on a Friday night, with the first suspect, Heather Bird, 47, discovered in the bed of a pickup truck, sporting a headlamp.

Heather and her husband, David Bird, 53, both Canton locals, approached the officers and claimed the truck belonged to Terry Spriggs, 51, another Canton resident. However, the truck was later found to be stolen from Athens, and Heather Bird had a pending court appearance she had failed to honor.

Deputies engaged with Spriggs, who initially disowned the truck but later confessed to buying it recently. The plot thickened when a stolen motorcycle and a stolen motorcycle engine, mounted on a different frame, were found at the property.

The fourth suspect, Justin Benson, 27, was discovered tucked away under a bed. Benson was wanted for violating his probation. A search warrant executed at the property unearthed substantial quantities of methamphetamine, cocaine, and fentanyl, as well as prescription medication not belonging to any of the suspects.

The four suspects were arrested and taken to the Cherokee Adult Detention Center. They face a litany of charges, including drug trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, operating a chop shop, and theft. Spriggs, Heather Bird, and Benson are being held without bond, while David Bird’s bond is set at $25,375.