Church deacon killed by police officer with a stun gun

ATLANTA, GA – The Atlanta Police Department has terminated an officer implicated in the stun gun-related death of Johnny Hollman, a 62-year-old church deacon. The dismissal follows a departmental review that found Officer Kiran Kimbrough violated standard operating procedures during Hollman’s arrest.

Hollman’s family and their legal team are pressuring Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to make public the bodycam footage that captured the events leading to Hollman’s death. The incident occurred on August 10, when police responded to a minor traffic accident involving Hollman. The situation escalated after Kimbrough issued a citation, which Hollman disputed.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is currently investigating the use of force in this case, reported that a physical altercation ensued during Hollman’s arrest. Kimbrough used a stun gun on Hollman, who became unresponsive by the time he was taken into custody. He was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The Fulton County medical examiner’s autopsy report classified Hollman’s death as a homicide. The report stated that Hollman’s death resulted from abnormal heart rhythms triggered by the use of a “conducted energy device,” compounded by a pre-existing cardiovascular condition.

Hollman’s family attorney, Mawuli Davis, who has viewed the footage, is advocating for a murder charge against Kimbrough. Arnitra Hollman, the deceased’s daughter, has also seen the video and is urging for its public release. She wants people to witness “the things he went through in his last hours here on Earth.”

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office has indicated that it plans to release the body camera footage of the encounter on Thursday, barring the identification of any new witnesses. Meanwhile, Kimbrough’s attorney, Lance LoRusso, maintains his client’s innocence and plans to appeal the termination.