Cillian Murphy’s Head ‘Smashed Open’ After Filming With Emily Blunt – Inside Story Revealed

LONDON, UK – Filming a blockbuster movie sometimes comes with unexpected mishaps, and Cillian Murphy experienced just that while working with Emily Blunt on the set of Oppenheimer. Blunt inadvertently caused him to injure himself while shooting a scene, leading to a hilarious yet concerning incident that resulted in Murphy requiring medical attention.

The mishap occurred when Blunt, who plays Murphy’s on-screen wife in the movie, gifted him a luxury pillow at the end of filming because she was worried about his sleep. The concern stemmed from Murphy’s monumental undertaking with his role, prompting Blunt to ensure he had the best sleeping conditions during filming.

As Murphy explained, he woke up in the middle of the night and, in his excitement to fluff himself back to sleep on the new pillow, accidentally smashed his head on the bedside table, requiring medical attention to address the mishap.

Even though the incident may seem comical, Murphy’s dedication to his role as J. Robert Oppenheimer in the movie is evident. He underwent a remarkable physical transformation for the part, demonstrating his commitment and passion for his craft. However, he has been open about the potentially dangerous methods he used to achieve the emaciated look required for the role.

Despite the physical challenges and unexpected mishaps, Murphy’s performance in Oppenheimer has garnered widespread acclaim, leading to multiple Best Actor nominations for his portrayal of the theoretical physicist. His dedication to the role and the challenges he overcame during filming have only added to the buzz surrounding the movie and his performance.